BlogHer Food 2013 – Austin, TX

Bl0gHer Food 2013


I am about to burst with anticipation!  In just a few days my daughter and I will be attending our very first BlogHer conference in Austin, TX.  While I have gone to many gluten free and/or allergen free expos, this is my first attempt at a large, food based social event since being diagnosed with celiac disease in 2008.  In fact, neither one of us has been to an event quite like this.

We’ve never been to Austin, let alone a BlogHer Food event and don’t know what to expect as far as gluten free food accommodations.  That means we are doing all of the following to ensure food safety on this trip:

  1.  Packing an extra carry-on just for “safe” food.  This bag will include:  Lara Bars, seaweed snacks, hot cereal, crackers and rice cakes.  Nut butter and stevia will also be in tow along with tons of coconut water to wash it down and stay hydrated.
  2. Checking out websites for gluten free dining options on the off chance that I won’t be inside the hotel for the whole weekend.  The two sites we’ll be using most are Stuffed-Pepper and ATX Gluten Free.
  3. Calling ahead to the hotel to be sure that I will have a refrigerator and/or microwave in my room.
  4. We’re also bringing the “just in case” kit – activated charcoal (which we know about because Chrissy from Glam without Gluten gave me some in CA due to an gluten emergency), ginger capsules and kombucha tea bags.  Better to have these handy helpers along than to assume no mistakes will happen on this trip.  Accidental gluten ingestion can happen any time – regardless of the precautions taken.

So why on earth would someone go through all this trouble just to travel to another state and listen to people talk about their brands and blogs for hours on end?  Well….

  1. Inspiring people create more inspired people.
  2. Even if ALL of the attendees aren’t gluten free, I will be surrounded by those who love food.  They take pictures of it, dream about it, create it, write about it.  It’s always nice not to be the only one at the table with your camera out, rearranging your food like you’d prep a small child for a picture.
  3. Experience of others who are innovators in the foodie revolution who have already been in my shoes will be shared during these sessions.  We’ll hear about some of our blogging/writing idol’s trials, tribulations and successes.
  4. With a plethora of sessions on writing, food photography and video, this sounds like heaven to me.

One important deciding factor for me was learning about the closing party at Stubbs with a gluten free twist.  World Famous BBQ, music and dancing. (I will be way too full to bust a move.)

Can’t wait to see some old friends and make some new ones.

Have I mentioned that I am a wee bit excited about attending this event!

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6 Responses to “BlogHer Food 2013 – Austin, TX”

  1. Kristin says:

    Wish we met at BlogHer! Next year maybe!

  2. How was it? Post a follow up? I’ve never been to a Blog Her Conference before and will be speaking at and attending the Food Allergy Blogger Conference in Las Vegas (November). What should I expect?

    • GFKimAZ says:

      Thanks for commenting. Can’t wait to meet you in Vegas! Since the Vegas conference is geared towards the allergen free community, I feel pretty confident that we will be able to find safe options. They did say to email them if we have an special concerns though.
      My apologies for not writing my follow up post sooner but I’ve been ill since June but not from gluten. Hoping to get the post done really soon…
      Even though BlogHer Food was not a GF event, they did a fairly decent job providing safe options for those who were only GF. People with multiple food issues had a little tougher time. I would definitely go again – especially if Udis will be a vendor providing safe GF/DF options.

      • Sorry you hear you were sick. Being sick during the summer just doesn’t seem right. I’ve been to the South Point, where the conference will be and know Chef Keith! He is amazing! He has been busy training his staff right now and basically establishing new standards!

        Actually, last year I was witness to a young woman, who at age 16 had never eaten in a restaurant until the FA walk and at the South Point thanks to Chef Keith making changes.

        Sending you healing thoughts!

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