Eat Write Retreat! “Timing is Everything”

Ever since I was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2008, I have been on a non-stop journey to learn as much as possible about living gluten free.  After reading massive quantities of books and surfing tons of websites, I found that I could learn more about my required gluten free lifestyle by attending any gluten free conference and/or expo that I could.  By attending these events, I could find answers to many burning questions about the medical research and history behind this autoimmune disorder.

Five years later, I still haven’t stopped learning about celiac disease and non-celiac gluten sensitivity.  This quest for knowledge will never end.  Now that I am no longer serving on the board of our local non-profit support group, I find myself growing more intrigued by the creative ways social media allows us to share newfound information with others.  Like many, I have entered the blogosphere.

In addition to learning about the social media channels available to spread awareness, a plethora of “how do I’s?” need to be answered.  Now I’ve developed a “need” to attend conferences aimed at making my blog successful, networking with brands and writing books.

EWRlogoThinking about how expensive it has become to travel to different cities and states in order to attend these conferences can make you cringe.  Airfare, hotel stays and tickets to the various events add up quickly. For a person that must live gluten and dairy free, meals must also be planned in advance for fear of getting ill which increases both my anxiety and expenses.

Many blogging conferences also have scheduling challenges.  What I mean is that there are usually two sessions scheduled at the same time that I want to attend.  I have to miss something that I really needed or wanted to go to. Why does this annoy me?  Well, I‘ve invested my time and money, burnt a few of my husband’s good graces points, and don’t always feel I get the most out of the conferences.

The solution to these enormous out of pocket costs and scheduling conflicts is now available thanks to Casey Benedict, the co-founder of Eat Write Retreat, which is a conference for food bloggers.  A video collection of the speakers from the three day conference is now available for those who can’t or prefer not to travel. The fee for the videos is an affordable alternative to traveling to obtain this wealth of food writing knowledge which makes my husband infinitely happier with my obsession.

EWRDebbie-KoenigI had the honor of previewing the video “Timing is Everything” which features Debbie Koenig.  Debbie is a blogger, food writer and cookbook author so she knows how to get the most out of her day. Her writing can be found at Parents Need to Eat Too and Feed the Parents.  Debbie has impressively written for many others in addition to her blogs.  The New York Times, Parents, American Baby, Weight Watchers, and Fit Pregnancy are among the publications who have featured her writing.

The segment “Timing is Everything” is about time management or the art of juggling your life, social media and blogs.  Debbie Koenig gives some fabulous tips the best ways to organize your time. This is something I need personally struggle with on a daily basis.  Who doesn’t, right?

Whether you are curious about attending a conference or unable to travel due to costs, this is a fantastic way to begin your journey.  You can purchase one session or the whole shebang here.

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