Cheers to New Planet Beer!

New Planet Beer

New Planet Gluten Free Beer

Cheers to gluten-free (GF) beer that has its own personality!

New Planet Beer ( manufactured in Boulder, Colorado was developed out of necessity for those who drink GF beer due to Celiac Disease and/or Gluten Intolerance and don’t want to sacrifice taste in order to share a cold brew with their friends.

For many of us who like beer – especially when it’s 110 degrees outside – the first taste of GF beer is enough to make us gag.   It sure isn’t what you would expect beer to taste like when you used to drink Coors or Budweiser.  New Planet will change that gag reflex into a smile.

In 2003, the company’s founder, Pedro Gonzalez discovered that he had Celiac Disease.

For many newly diagnosed Celiacs and gluten intolerant people, finding out that they must give up their regular beer and pizza can be quite a shock.  The reason why they must do this is that beer usually contains several forbidden sources of gluten such as wheat, barley and rye.

Pedro decided to pursue making a GF beer that tasted much better than those on the shelves in 2008.  Through trial and error, Pedro created one that could truly be enjoyed by many fellow beer consumers.  New Planet made its debut to the public in 2009.

Developed out of necessity described above, New Planet has come out with three flavor varieties.

 Off Grid Pale Ale

New Planet Off Grid Pale Ale

Love amber and darker beers?  This one’s for you.  With the inclusion of 3 varieties of hops, Off Grid Pale Ale provides you with the accustomed amber coloring, a nice citrusy flavor and has an appealing aroma.  Even if you weren’t an amber lover before going GF, this is definitely worth a try.

Tread Lightly Ale

3 choices – you can’t go wrong with

For the traditional beer drinker this is a terrific light tasting beer without the undesirable aftertaste of most sorghum based beers on the market.  It tastes so much like “real beer” that you wouldn’t know that it’s GF unless someone told you.

3R Raspberry Ale

3R Raspberry Ale

Why would you want to drink yet another sweet, fruity beer?  Surprisingly enough, this isn’t a wine cooler dressed in a beer bottle.  This beer has just the right amount on fruit flavor without being too sweet.  3R Raspberry Ale is absolutely amazingly crisp and refreshing.

I must add that 3R is my favorite to keep on hand for lounging around the pool.  It’s my personal favorite summertime beer.

Available in at least 33 states, New Planet Beer has made it easy to find in a store near you by adding a store locator to their website.


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