City of Roses Certified Gluten Free Creamy Mustard

Tired of your boring sandwiches with mayo and mustard?  Even if you tend to use Dijon mustard, we’ve found something even tastier.

Time to toss out that bright yellow liquid mustard and try something new!   That would be all of the varieties of City of Roses Certified Gluten Free Creamy Mustard.

These products can be purchased in stores and online at .

City of Roses Cerified Gluten Free Mustard

So, what’s the big deal?

First, their products are actually certified gluten free (GF).

Second, they are so creamy that they can be used as a veggie dip, on crackers, as glazes, for grilling and not just limited to sandwiches.

Third, City of Roses is GMO conscientious as indicated on their packaging.  For me – that is pretty impressive.

Fourth, my son strongly dislikes anything containing yellow mustard BUT he likes all four flavors.  When our kids like something, we try to keep it on hand.

What do they taste like?

Well since they come in 4 flavors, I will describe each one separately.

Grand Marnier – My kids adore this mustard enough to eat it with spoon!  With the undertones of orange zest, my daughter has dubbed it the sweet mustard.  This would make a wonderful glaze for almost any type of pork product such as ham.

Ciara just loved the sweetness of the Grand Marnier and wanted to eat the whole jar!

Mazama Infused Pepper Vodkamy personal favorite.  This one packs a nice zing while not being overly spicy.  In our house, this will be the grown-up mustard.  The usage for this zesty mustard is endless.  While it would be great for grilling, I can’t wait to try it with roast beef!

Oregon Pinot Gris – While this is the most comparable to Dijon mustard, it doesn’t leave you feeling the nose burn of horseradish.  I recently used it as a coating for baked salmon.  It came out tasteful and moist.  My son really liked that!  He loves salmon but this made it a special treat for him.

Colin wanted to taste this zesty mustard before I baked the salmon.  (Pinkies up!)

Oregon Pinot NoirThink wine!  We decided to pair this one with cheese and crackers along with a bottle of Pinot Noir.  Delish!

Try these extremely tasty mustards are versatile mustards today.  Don’t miss out on flavor just because you are GF!

These products are Certified Gluten Free (not just naturally GF) which takes away any worry.

(Although I was furnished with these products by the company, I was under no obligation to give a favorable review)

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