Conference and Health & Wellness Experience in Seattle


What an amazing experience I had in Seattle.  I was invited to attend a GIG Leadership Conference by a friend of mine who happens to be a GIG Leader.  The bottom line is that we all share the same mission which is to help others once they are diagnosed with either Celiac Disease or Gluten Intolerance.  Let’s face it, being gluten free (GF) can be challenging but when you surround yourself with others with the same dietary issues (not to mention a plethora of autoimmune disorders) – you are among friends.

Not knowing what to expect was a true blessing in disquise.  I learned about team building and met some new life long friends.  They aren’t just Celiac but also have the same plethora of health issues that I do.

I met Mrs. Alaska and my inspiration to try to bake again, Kyra of the Crave Bake Shop in Portland, OR while on my way to the Tailgate Party and Mariner’s ball game.  How terrific is that!

What I didn’t know before heading to Seattle was that the last day of the conference was a Gluten Free Expo.  Always on the lookout for GF, non-GMO and dairy free products, I made my way through the booths and found some terrific NEW items.  Well, new to me at least.  Here are my FANTASTIC FIVE:

ELS – How heart-broken were you the first time you went to a party and had to pass on the Chex Mix because of all the gluten containing ingredients?  A solution is now available with these crunchy mixes!  In my opinion, traditional Chex Mix pales in comparison.

WOW Baking Company – First time ever that I have said WOW when biting into a cookie was when I tried their Lemon Burst cookies at the Expo.  These delights made me want to give up gluten – oh wait, I already have.

Rose City Delicacies – 4 types of delicious Certified Gluten Free creamy Mustard that have alcohol and butter included in the recipe.  These don’t have to be used on a sandwich.  They were all so yummy that they could even be used as dip!

Zing Bars – Until this event, I had never seen a Zing Bar.  I tried them all.  Couldn’t find one that wasn’t just melt in your mouth flavorful.  Oh how I love these!

Kay’s Naturals – Kay’s provides those who need protein but don’t like the taste of meat or eggs with the protein of three eggs.  These crunchy bites come in a variety of flavors.  My kids like the cookie bites the best but I prefer the jalapeno honey mustard.

Let me just add that I tried Garlic Jim’s Pizza and begged them to open a place here in Tucson.  They offer GF and GF/DF pizza.  Super delish!

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  1. Kim – It was great having you in Seattle at the GIG Leadership conference. I’ll make sure to keep you in the loop for next year. I’m glad you had such a good time! – Sue

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