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Azul Restaurant Lounge – Tucson, AZ

Azul Restaurant Lounge Review 8/2011 As mentioned in my post about the Westin La Paloma Resort, Azul is located in the Westin La Paloma in Tucson, AZ. Imagine, you are trying a new place for the very first time…  You have done everything you can to assure that you will not be ill after eating.  […]


Westin La Paloma – Tucson, AZ

Westin La Paloma Resort –  Tucson, AZ Review 8/2011 My husband and I needed some peace and quiet.  Not to mention some grown up time away from the children.  Staying at this resort would provide us a close get away since we reside in Tucson. This resort also has an onsite restaurant called Azul (see […]

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