Westin La Paloma – Tucson, AZ


Westin La Paloma Resort –  Tucson, AZ

Review 8/2011

My husband and I needed some peace and quiet.  Not to mention some grown up time away from the children.  Staying at this resort would provide us a close get away since we reside in Tucson.

A peaceful evening view

This resort also has an onsite restaurant called Azul (see review under Dining out the GF way) which works closely with the guests to assure that they have a pleasant stay.  A few days before we left to spend the night at the Westin La Paloma (http://www.westinlapalomaresort.com), I contacted them to let them know of my dietary restrictions and discuss accommodations. I am not only gluten free but also have a plethora of other food sensitivities.  From experience, I knew I would not enjoy myself if eating made me sick and we were in an uncomfortable room.

Upon entering the parking lot, we observed  this beautifully eye appealing resort from the outside.  We saw  people being driven around in golf carts or walking place to place in their swimsuits.  They all seemed friendly and happy to be there.  Maybe it was due to cooling off in the many pools available to swim in during the summer heat.

Perhaps the real reason they were smiling had to do with the attentive staff of the Westin.  

From the parking lot, we entered the vast lobby.  It was gorgeous! We found it hard to believe that we were still in the middle of Tucson. The check-in went smoothly and we went to locate our room.

We entered our room and were greeted by an invitingly clean fragrance that was not overpowering.  To keep with the clean theme, everything was spotless.  The bed looked like a fluffy white cloud.  Covered with plush white bedding and an abundance of dreamy white pillows, the bed said to us – no need for anything else but a nap.

Although we were very tempted to take that nap, we next check out the view from our balcony.  We had asked for the golf course view because we have a pool and mountain views from our home.  Opening the patio drapes and door, the greens which are a rare color in Tucson, invited us to sit and sip champagne on the balcony.

View of golf course

Since we had dinner reservations at 6pm, we did indulge in some champagne on the balcony.  We unwound before dinner and then went off to dine at Azul.

To be continued……

(Please see review of Azul 8/2011)

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