Want a cookie?

If the answer is YES – there’s something even better.

St Julien’s Macaroons

Scrumptious Macaroons

When you have children, you must have cookies in the house.  When your children have gluten and dairy sensitivities, finding delicious goodies can be a big challenge. Treats need to have awesome flavor while being made from the purest ingredients possible.

In my quest to find something  for my children that gave them a treat and not a belly ache, I looked for a healthier alternative to the gluten free snack food that is usually found on the grocery store shelves.  What I found may surprise you….

St. Julien’s Macaroons will please everyone.  While macaroons are not exactly a cookie – you couldn’t convince my children of that.  Macaroons – these specifically – are a cross between a cookie and a confection.

The recipe for these treats was developed from a 17th century French recipe of crushed almonds, egg white, sugar and honey.  These delicious bites contain absolutely no coconut, flour, shortening, salt, egg yolk, leavening or artificial preservatives.  They are naturally gluten free and taste great. (Since this post was first published the product has become certified gluten free through the Celiac Support Assocation.)

They are available in two flavors: Honey-Almond and Cocoa-Almond and can be ordered in tubs of two different sizes, which can conveniently be stored in the freezer.  Buying several tubs and freezing them ensures you will always have them on hand when you’d like a treat.

Cocoa-Almond Macaroons


Let me start by saying that I am not a person with a big sweet tooth.  When I want something sweet, I don’t  reach for a candy bar!

photo courtesy of St Julien's MacaroonsI can honestly say that these were the first macaroons I have ever tried that didn’t contain coconut, so I was more than a little skeptical.  I tried the Honey-Almond macaroon first, the taste was so heavenly that I must confess, I had to eat several more!   The almond flavor in these macaroons was  great and seemed superior to the traditional coconut based counterparts.  They weren’t heavy like other gluten free baked goods but airy and simply delectable.

When I tried the Cocoa-Almond, I expected an aftertaste of a chocolate candy bar.  Since dutch cocoa is used to bake these treasures, they even tasted better than a brownie bite.  Did I mention light and airy?  Once again, the almond flavors came through the strongest and the chocolate strikes just the right balance.  Delicious.

Though I will not confess as to how many my children have eaten, my 4 year old son somehow came to the conclusion that the Cocoa-Almond macaroons were candy.  Since that tub has been empty, he keeps asking me when I’m getting more of the “chocolate bars”.

If you haven’t tried these macaroons, you are missing out on greatness.  Try some today by ordering through their website or calling 1-800-473-8869 and having them shipped straight to your door.

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2 Responses to “Want a cookie?”

  1. Pat Hirsch says:

    I agree these almond macaroons are the best cookie, er, confection, I ever tasted!

  2. Thanks for your review Kim. I have never tried these before, but your description makes me want to try them 🙂 We bake most of our treats here, but it’s nice to have a little something sweet on hand for those times you just don’t feel like baking!

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